Our Services

Ship Chandlers:
Very Competitive Prices and Prompt Supply of Provision, Fresh Water, Fuel, and Other General Cargo Service
Offer Suitable Vessels for all type of Cargo required, as Bosphorus Shipping enjoys a significant relationship with many respectable Ship Owners.
Handling Containers:
very well experienced staff in the field of Containers, staff and stevedoring can handle and manage all the procedures related to such Service. Nevertheless, privileged to have Storage Ground for all received Containers in Misurata, Tripoli and Benghazi. We are happy to offer suchtioned Facilities to all types of Vessels carrying Containers to Libya.
Customs Clearance:
At all Libyan Ports we provide all services related to Clearance Formalities, Tariffs Commodity Interpretation and all required Documents preparation and Delivery in quick and Safe Manner. We offer also Door to Door services
Maritime Claims:
Follow Up of any kind of Claims, Local or International related to Quality, Shortage, protective agent etc.
Libyan Maritime Chamber Membership:
Our Registry N` in the Libyan Maritime Chamber is 448/19

• As Reputable Reliable Shipping Agency, Bosphorus shipping company is well known to all Owners and Charters dealing with our Private & National General Companies.